Zack Randall and Isaac Yale docking on Fantastic Foreskin!

These boys have real chemistry as they chat, undress, make out, dock, suck cock and shoot their big jizz-loads. They also have beautiful bodies and meaty intact cocks! Your jaw will drop and your dick will stiffen as Zack bends down and take both uncut cocks into his mouth. Yeah. BOTH COCKS in his mouth. Zack slurps his buddy Isaac’s cock and his own big, hooded beauty! Watch Isaac’s face as Zack sprays his face with a powerful cum shot that looks like it could strip the paint off of a car. He know what’s coming as he get’s hosed down with Zack’s creamy spray. Then greedy Zack licks up both cum puddles. Everybody should have friends like Zack and Isaac! Watch The Complete Video Here



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