Who Are These Boys Named Austin & Zane? Friendships Like Theirs Really Do Have Benefits!

FLASHBACK – It’s the early Summer of 2008 and a change in the end-consumer polarity is developing across gayporndom. The intrawebs are flurried with chatter both positive and negative regarding “gay-for-pay” models and performers. One thing is for certain, watching straight guys do gay things had become the most popular niche carved out of the Male4Male porn spectrum. Websites such as SeanCody.com, CorbinFisher.com and StraightCollegeMen.com crafted unique and dynamic recruiting campaigns which reeled in some of the hottest men on the planet. Gay Porn fans quickly bookmarked these sites, leaving behind their former tastes in porn.

StraightCollegeMen.com debuted an exceptionally handsome straight guy from Kentucky, who they named … Max. A little shy of a year later,  a hot blonde-haired straight boy named Tucker got initiated on the site’s production set in Las Vegas. A friendship between Max and Tucker was hence born!

In the Fall of 2010 after an unsuccessful $25,000.00 solicitation by the owner of SCM to corral a jack-off video from Bristol Palin’s baby daddy (Levi Johnston) and a filmed-documentary trip to Alaska by Max and Tucker, SCM strangely halted production and ceased updating their website. Max and Tucker percolated only a short while, when on November 25, 2010 the pair gave birth to a new hardcore endeavor, dubbed AustinZane.com.

Now known by the nom de plume(s) Austin Andrews and Zane Michaels, the pair earlier this year marveled the industry at the annual Gay Erotic Video Awards (Grabbys) in Chicago where the boys showed up to meet and greet wearing sexy AustinZane.com branded black wife-beaters. The boys caught the attention of the Matriarch of gay porn, Chi Chi Larue who stated, “You boys are the next big thing.

The new website follows their sexual adventures with each other and the models whom they recruit. Apparently the new AustinZane.com site is enjoying much success and continues to generate some interesting buzz.


If we were compiling a list of this years notable milestones, we would totally include Austin & Zane as the best new website introduction of 2011.

Insofar as the “gay-for-pay” controversy goes, we don’t subscribe to it one way or another but one thing is for certain Austin & Zane set forth an example that is free of labels and phobias. The two’s entire chemistry when you see them together is magnetic and erotically mesmerizing … and after all isn’t this the components we look for in a fantasy induced session with manufactured porn? And for those folks who are rooting for Teamgay (those who want to help you convert) keep your fingers crossed that perhaps as these boy evolve together as roommates, scene partners and business associates they too may have a shift of polarity so to speak. Nonetheless these boys have earned and are more than deserving of your respective attention and patronage.

GayPornGossip recently had an opportunity to interview Austin and Zane as follows, in addition we have also included video interviews conducted in Las Vegas by gay social blog site, 2g2x:

– We’re coming to the end of 2011 and you guys have had quite a year with the launch of AustinZane.com. Is it everything you thought it would be?

AUSTIN: To be completely honest its has been way more work than Zane and I would have ever expected, but definitely worth it.

ZANE: Yea, I would say the success that we’ve experienced was unexpected but also it’s been the most rewarding thing we have ever built and are excited to see what 2012 brings us!

– What is the most fun aspect of your job?

AUSTIN: Easy, being my own boss!!!!!

ZANE: For me it’s meeting the fans in person and getting to hear how much they enjoy their experience at AustinZane.com, it’s nice to hear that our work affects people in a positive way!

– Do either of you have others jobs or is running the site full-time?

AUSTIN: Nope this is it, it keeps us busy. Every once in a while, we will go shoot a music video or help out a friend with video work.

ZANE: Yea, this occupies a large part of our life but when you put out a product that has your name on it, you become obsessed with it lol

– You were a focal point at the Grabby’s this year when no one even knew who you were yet. How do you think that happened? What makes you stand out amongst a sea of gay porn superstars?

AUSTIN: I like to think we are unique from most gay porn stars because we are the same off camera as we are on. We don’t pretend to be better than anyone and we try our hardest to please our fans.

ZANE: The Grabby’s were a complete surprise to us. We’d never had that type of attention or exposure but everyone in the industry was so great to us and we were just grateful that people wanted to know who we were. It really motivated us to build AustinZane bigger and better than we had previously thought we could. Two words, Jason Sechrest!

– You guys are currently nominated for the Cybersocket Award for Best New Site. Will you be at the ceremony in West Hollywood on Monday, January 9th?

AUSTIN: It’s our very first nomination for an award and we wouldn’t miss it for the world. Win or lose, it’s always a good time in West Hollywood.

ZANE: Oh man, it would be so awesome to bring that award back to Las Vegas where we were told we would never be successful on our own… it would be our validation and redemption!

– Tell me about your site’s new exclusive, Blake Savage. What’s he like in real life?

AUSTIN: Blake is such an awesome guy on, and off camera. Being new in the gay porn world, you can definitely see that he’s a little shy but he is always willing to go above and beyond to show us he’s with us for the long haul. If I had to grade Blake I would give him an A+

ZANE: Yea, Blake’s a trooper. He’s still young so he has that innocent sense of wonder about him. Plucking his from his small-town, I was surprised at how accepting he was of the gay community and open to trying new things. He’s an all-around great guy and we are lucky to be able to call him a friend!

– If we wanted to get him in bed, what’s the best way to do it?

AUSTIN: Get to know your football lol this kid is obsessed with football. He knows everything about every team.

PS: His favorite team is the Browns, there I gave you a head start!

ZANE: OR, just come work for AustinZane and I’m sure you’ll get that chance.

– Between the two of you, what part of gay sex do you most enjoy and what do you least enjoy? Be honest. If you like getting your ass licked or getting fucked, you can tell us.

AUSTIN: I don’t know why, but when Zane licks my ass it really gets me going but its only him that can do that to me. What I least enjoy would have to be……… bottoming, it just doesn’t work for me.

ZANE: There’s one position when I’m bottoming that’s enjoyable that only Austin has been able to get. I think we’ve done that position twice but both times I was able to get off without really trying, he did all the work lol. The least favorite part would be getting pubes in my mouth lol!

– How has adding the live sex shows changed the dynamic and success of the site?

AUSTIN: If you’ve caught a LIVEchat, most of them are pretty intense and I think people really love watching them and being able to be a part of the action.

ZANE: Yea, they are really fun, they’ve made our site more of a personal experience which I think is really the direction that the industry is going to.

– You both started on SCM, much like Dean Coxx did before he broke out on his own and made his own site. Have you met up with him yet? Any plans to do something with him?

AUSTIN: Hahaha yeah its funny how that worked out. We met up with him for lunch, he’s a super chill guy. I wouldn’t rule out doing a shoot with him, who knows anything is possible.

ZANE: It was nice to meet with someone who went through the same thing that we did. He’s got a ton of drive and determination and it would be awesome to film something with him!

– I hear Austin recently had a baby. How has that changed him and his outlook on life in general?

AUSTIN: Lol, yes I just had a baby boy, let me tell you he’s the cutest thing ever and that’s not me being biased lol. I would say that yes, it has changed me. Now I have little Austin to care for now and I can’t be skydiving or anything crazy like that.

ZANE: Austin definitely has a greater sense of mortality now. He’s a very proud father!

– Does Zane have any desire to start a family?

AUSTIN: I think Zane would love to start a family but when will that day come, now that’s hard to say. I think Zane sees it as he has my little one to look after first.

ZANE: Yea, I recently split up with the girl that I thought I was going to start a family with- as it turns out, she’s not a big fan of my career! One of my proudest moments was at the hospital watching through the nursery window and seeing Austin look after his newborn. I’d never seen that look on Austin’s face before and I’m glad I get to be a part of this new chapter of Austin’s life.

– Do either of you have girlfriends yet?

AUSTIN: Yes, yes I do.

ZANE: Recently single, but there’s an ex that’s in the picture.

– How many girls do you find at clubs or bars who want to see you both make out?

AUSTIN: Believe it or not, Zane and I are home-bodies. We really don’t go out as much anymore. We do have more girl fans then I was expecting.

ZANE: The girls never really ask us to make out with each other, they mostly just wanna see proof lol

– What do you think is the hottest video you’ve made so far is?

AUSTIN: Hard to say. I would have to pick the California flip-flop.

ZANE: Yea, that was pretty hot but I would have to say the very first shoot. It was after that video that we knew we had something special, it was the start of something great!

– Can you give us a preview hint as to what one of your hot upcoming videos is?

AUSTIN: Blake will be in a lot of videos coming up. We have some new guys we are working on as well.

ZANE: I like to stay tight-lipped and surprise our members, but since Austin already said it, Blake has really stepped up his game and our members are in for a treat real soon!

– Do either of you have fetishes or kinks that we don’t know about yet, either with straight or gay sex?

AUSTIN: Everyone thinks I have a foot fetish because I play with my feet all the time but no, I don’t have any fetishes.

ZANE: It’s not really a fetish, but I love making out. A good kisser is usually a sign of good things to come! But I do love outdoor sex, is that a fetish??

– What exciting new changes or additions or projects can we expect from Austin Zane in 2011?

AUSTIN: Well, we are working on making all the videos Iphone compatible, new models, and more frequent LIVEchats.

ZANE: Yea, and we have been working on filming our very first DVD special which is going to be a ton of fun to create!

– What do you both want Santa to bring you for Christmas?

AUSTIN: I would really like a really nice record player with some awesome records.

ZANE: Ipad!!!

For more about their website, visit AustinZane.com. An affiliate program is now intact that provides bloggers and webmasters an excellent opportunity to gather awesome promotional content and enjoy in the revenue share. You can signup to their affiliate program thru CCBill at this link.


  1. Dewayneinsd

    December 25, 2011 at 11:44 pm

    Good Interview AustinZane.com is definitely a site worth checking in this new year!

  2. Bull

    December 27, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    I’m not a fan of gay for pay, but I really like these guys. Alot. They seem to be genuinely trying to please fans and have fun along the way. And they do have chemistry in the sex scenes. Makes the fantasy come alive that they are really into each other, if not into other guys.

    p.s. I love it when the blonde bottoms!

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