What Ya Think Happened When Jake Bass First Met Liam Emerson?

Jake Bass and Liam Emerson VideoBoys 001Sometimes chance meetings can lead to great things. Liam Emerson first met Jake Bass on Facebook and they made friends with one another and chatted from time to time. Liam didn’t realize Jake was a porn star until he saw him at the Gay Pride Parade with crowds of adoring fans all around him. So Liam went over for a photo op with Jake and they got to talking about making porn, a subject that’s been on Liam’s mind for awhile. Jake took Liam under his wing and offered him an introductory workshop on how to make a porn scene. And just a few days later it all came together.

Jake Bass and Liam Emerson VideoBoys 011And what an education it was. Liam, the eager learner, didn’t want to wait for the preliminaries of taking off clothes, so he jumped right into the shower with Jake and started making out. French kissing and blowjobs under the cascading water got things off to a steamy start but for the serious fucking action, Jake wanted some dry land.

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  1. james

    May 12, 2016 at 9:41 am

    Hideous tattooed losers

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