Turk Conquers Europe!

Turk one of our favorite Gay Porn Dynamos is jetting to Amsterdam his first stop on a European Porn Fest! Not since Mason Wyler played in the UK a couple of years ago have we witnessed a big name Free Lance American Porn Performer in Europe. This past year CockyBoys Exclusive Jesse Santana and the Corbin Fisher boys have been playing in Amsterdam,Prague and Bratislava but Turk is the first without a studio behind him to go since Mason in 2007!

And Johan Volny is HOST! And co Star!

Off to Invade Europe!!! Ahhh!

I have a 22 hour flight from California to Amsterdam, then off on another 2 hour flight to Prague – Literally a full day of flying! Craziness!!!

When I arrive I will be met by Johan Volny, my personal tour guide for the week and one of my scene partners while I am there. Lucky me!!!

The actual titles of the films being shot are to remain a secret for the moment at the request of the studios, but I can tell you, when I do Europe…I really DO Europe lol.

Congratulations to Turk, and I cant help but think the torrid scene between Phillipe Delvaux and Turk in Los Angeles filmed for Eurocreme may have been the catalyst for this trip!

We here at Gay Porn Gossip are all for Cultural Exchange with our European Gay Porn Cousins!

Check TurkXXXOnline and Gay Porn Gossip for developing news about Turks great European Porn Adventure!

UPDATE #1 Wednesday Feb 3

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