Tristan Baldwin Named Male Escort Of The Year 2012 & Marc Dylan Best Newcomer!

Tristan Baldwin 2012 Escort Of The Year

GayPornGossip would like to congratulate Tristan Baldwin for winning the prestigious 2012 Escort Of The Year! – awarded by clients voted all year and Tristian won overwhelmingly.

Tristan Baldwin

daddy reviews”Tristan is the man that perfectly willing to wrestle you to the ground and put you in a submission hold until you yell: ‘Uncle!’ However, don’t let this bad boy on the wrestling mat intimate you. The important thing to know that once you drag him off the mat, you’ll find that he’s very much concerned in making your time together very comfortable and very special.’ ‘Tristan is as friendly and genuine in person as he was in the ‘behind the scenes’ videos I saw. He has an infectious smile, a great sense of humor and a killer body.”  – DaddysReviews

Marc DylanAlso, BEST NEWCOMER 2012 Escort of the Year went to one of our own, Marc Dylan!

He’s a very genuine, engaging, interacting individual who really enjoys being a professional escort. He can hold a conversation extremely well on a wide range of subjects, and know exactly how to make you feel at home no matter where you are. He is the quintessential Southern gentleman, just one who likes to have hot sex, does it well, and it shows. DaddysReviews

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