Pornstars of the Millennium

Here are my choices for the models who have had the greatest impact on the industry since the turn of the millennium.

I recently read an online interview with Chi Chi Larue, in which she states that Brent Everett is “the #1 porn star right now and if there was a list of the five most important of the last 30 years he would be on that list.”

Thirty years? That pre-dates the VCR and most of gay porn! After suspending my disbelief, I started to make my own list rather than disagree. Everett, after all, despite his astonishing physical assets, is the guy about whom I once wrote, he “should be obscene and not heard.”

Rather than go back 30 years, I limited consideration to models whose careers began in the new millennium. Since 10 is always a fashionable number of items to have on a list, I winnowed the number down to that. Here they are, presented in approximate chronological order:

Onan’s choices for the models who have had the greatest impact on the industry since the turn of the millennium.

Pornstars of the Millennium 2000-2011

Michael Brandon

Technically, his career began in 1999 but nothing significant got released to the public until the following year. At the 2000 GayVN Awards banquet, Brandon was seated to my right (in the nosebleed section), and throughout the evening he charmed the table with his gracious good nature — and snapshots of his enormous cock. Over the years, I came to know him reasonably well, and I always admired his open friendliness and his ability to know how and when to be nice and how and when to be nasty. Brandon is porn’s Unsinkable Molly Brown, rebounding from multiple personal crises and never losing his affability. image:

– Gay Pornstars of the Millennium 2000-2011 –

Matthew Rush

I have met Rush twice, spoken to him by phone and exchanged emails with him and each time he has lacked any semblance of professional courtesy or social grace. But there’s no denying his huge impact on the industry and his hordes of fans and followers. When it seemed his career had flatlined due to his “top only” film roles, he famously joined the mile-high club and gave up his ass cherry at the same time (to Rob Romoni). image:

– Gay Pornstars of the Millennium 2000-2011 –

Johnny Hazzard

In the same interview mentioned above, Chi Chi says of Hazzard, “I will always consider him the face of Channel 1 Releasing.” Hazzard is living proof that you don’t have to have the body of Michelangelo’s David, the face of Adonis or the cock of Rick Donovan to be a porn star. He is porn’s Everyman. image:

– Gay Pornstars of the Millennium 2000-2011 –

Roman Heart

According to urban porn legend, on his 18th birthday, Roman Heart camped out on John Travis’ doorstep and demanded to be cast in a porn film. He got his wish, debuting as Linc Madison in the Derek Kent-directed Flesh, from Studio 2000. One film was all it took. Falcon snapped him up and he’s been a Falcon exclusive ever since, barring a single film (A Rising Star) he made between contracts for Jason Ridge’s short-lived Ridgeline Films. Heart is one of the all-time great film bottoms, uniquely capable of projecting all five senses when he’s getting fucked. image:

– Gay Pornstars of the Millennium 2000-2011 –

Brent Corrigan

Corrigan is as delicious as he is notorious. He launched almost as many lawsuits as Helen of Troy’s face launched ships when he revealed that he was 17 when he made his first hardcore films. Later, he was a material witness at the murder trial of Brian Kocis, owner of the studio for which Corrigan made said films. As Teflon as Ronald Reagan, Corrigan has reinvented himself at least twice, and proved to be as nubile as he is disarming, with a talent for directing. too. His turn as Stan the Merman in the mainstream film, Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!, is about as good an introduction to this hot young guy as you are likely to find. photo:

– Gay Pornstars of the Millennium 2000-2011 –

François Sagat

The infamous scalp tattoo branded Sagat onto the consciousness of porn audiences, along with his out and proud declaration that he only worked under his real name. Working for the top studios and doing terrific and sexually versatile work for them all, Sagat has since branched out into independent films, such as the 2010 Bruce LaBruce L.A.Zombie. image:

– Gay Pornstars of the Millennium 2000-2011 –

Damien Crosse

I spent two weeks with Damien on the set of Raging Stallion’s To the Last Man, watching him fuck Antton Harri in a 100-year-old blacksmith shop and fuck himself with a bottle of Jim Beam on the steps of a 100-year-old schoolhouse. He was newly in love with Francesco D’Macho; they would soon decamp to Madrid to begin Stag Homme Studios. Damien is one of the most sexual creatures on the planet, for whom any sexual act is as natural as it is wonderful. He is a carnal force of nature. image:

– Gay Pornstars of the Millennium 2000-2011 –

Steve Cruz

Cruz is the classic Young Turk — a guy who comes along with his own ideas of how “it” should be done, and proceeds to demonstrate, and convince, on both sides of the camera. As an outspoken advocate for safe sex, Cruz delivers a message that’s equally important as the hot scenes that he performs in and directs. As I wrote when I named him Best New Director in 2008, Cruz can make my dick hard using models or scenarios that would ordinarily not arouse me. image:

– Gay Pornstars of the Millennium 2000-2011 –

Tony Buff

There’s the softer side of Sears and there’s the darker side of porn, and when it comes to the latter, you want Tony Buff to be Charon the ferryman. Working first for Titan, now for Raging Stallion, this guy is the epitome of Shakespeare’s warning that one may smile and be a villain. His intent, however, is not evil but pleasure and release achieved though a modicum of pain and suffering, administered with love. The world’s major religions have promised this in the afterlife; Buff offers it in the here and now. image:

– Gay Pornstars of the Millennium 2000-2011 –

Elijah & Milo Peters

There are any number of “possibles” who have been around long enough to show their mettle but not long enough to have it tested, so I’m going out on a limb here. Incest never goes out of fashion, even if those who embrace it are a small minority. Twins are especially popular, though few producers are willing to show actual sucking and fucking between siblings. I briefly considered the Visconti triplets — who actually began at Bel Ami before being lured away — but they have been too narrowly branded and marketed. The identical Peters twins, on the other hand, are everything one might wish for. They are sexually versatile, sculpted, have no sexual boundaries, and are as comfortable with each other as they are with non-relatives. image:

– Gay Pornstars of the Millennium 2000-2011 –

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Onan the Vulgarian, has been reviewing gay porn in one way or another since 1988. Starting in Echo Magazine as a pullsout section, X-Factor was born. With the tide turning toward the internet debuted online in 2007.

Onan is now in his 17th year reporting his views of the gay porn industry and in addition to his many film reviews, Onan also marshals his annual Hard Choice Awards each year.

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  1. Il Porno Gay

    September 5, 2011 at 10:39 am

    nice chooses!


    September 5, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    AFTER YEARS OF SILENCE – I SPEAK HEAR. I started making custom home made porn with “STRAIGHT THUGS” 25 years ago … before computers, using dirty magazines and video cassettes… and paying handsome well hung str8 guys to fuck my face hard. I have worked hard over the years, and it is because of this work, that people can now record themselves… and throw their video up and get a piece of the porn pie… The big companies hate me… The little guy doesn’t know I exsist. I, and my partner Str8ThugMaster… who has only been in the bisiness for 5 years… We have both MOST DEFINETLY have had a bigger influence on the gay porn industry then Most everyone on your list. Why, right today, an amateur like “MaverickMen” can make a video in their home and have it be the #1 selling video… anyway, love you guys! Keep up the Great Work! gay pig slave

  3. David

    September 5, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    I found your list to be quite funny. I found 2 problems with it. First of all, your disbelief about Chi Chi’s 30 year remark- if you go back 30 years from now we come to 1981, which was the first golden age of Falcon Studios, Colt, etc. so porn in 1981 was indeed plentiful and produced such porn stars as Al Parker, Leo Ford, Dick Fisk, and Casey Donovan to name but a few. VCRs were expensive, but plentiful at the time as well (remember the Betamax?). The second problem would be your comments about Michael Brandon. MB was making porn as far back as the mid-1980s (Boy Oh Boy is one title that comes to mind), so your remark that his career started in 1999 disregards the first 15 or so years of his career. Other than that, your posting was quite accurate.

  4. club LAX, Al

    September 13, 2011 at 8:46 am

    Having worked with Michael on a previous project that unfortunately never came to be realized, I can honestly say he is a true gentleman carrying qualities not often found such as honesty and dedication to his fans.

  5. Anonymous

    November 6, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    I’m assuming you mean the American industry

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