The 2012 Jeff Palmer Calendar

Photographer Jeff Palmer (not the porn star) has put together an incredible set of shots for his 2012 calendar, now on sale at Bruno Gmunder or on Jeff’s website. Jeff’s calendars have raised over a half a million dollars for HIV/AIDS research over the years!

Jeff Palmer, who now is 63 years old grew up in Palm Springs, California, where he discovered his love for the ocean, the sun and suntanned bodies. For the first twelve years after attending college he worked as an acting instructor and learned how to sculpt the human body with light. Many years ago he started taking photographs of men and in the meantime is one of the most respected male nude photographers in the USA.

“I work almost totally in black and white. I enjoy removing the image one step out of reality where the textural, sculptural and sensual qualities of light on the body come into focus. It elevates the scene out of the ordinary color-filled world we are accustomed to and compels the viewer to look differently at the image. And the image is the male nude. The male body is an amazing creation – a sensual machine of power, grace and beauty. I want to capture these powerful images in intimate moments. This is my art.” – Jeff Palmer

The photo gallery below depicts some of Jeff’s fine work. Jeff’s work is also currently featured in New York City’s Village Voice – Queer Issue in celebration of gay pride month.

Breathtaking men of timeless beauty, sensual black-and-white photography! The pictures of Jeff Palmer are intimate and touching, erotic and aesthetic masterpieces.

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