Swinging Richards All Male Strip Club Sues City of N.Miami Beach & Needs Your Help!

Swinging Richards has filed a lawsuit against the city of North Miami Beach. Since the club has changed from a heterosexual to a homosexual establishment, the city is now applying laws to them that have never been applied to any business in the city before.

If you would like to express your opinion regarding this matter, please email them at info@swingingrichards.com and ALSO, its VERY important that you sign their online petition.  Please sign and send to your friends today! You can also FOLLOW Swinging Richards on Twitter.

On Tuesday the North Miami Beach City Council talked about why the clubs are permitted to break the law, which hasn’t been enforced in some 30 years.

“I think everyone here agrees that we need to enforce the law,” Mayor George Vallejo said. Enforce it or change it, the mayor says.

Swinging Richards, is the only gay club out of  three clubs who provide drinks and nudity.  The city manager says he has received some complaints about activity there. Norman Powell, an attorney for the club, told the council this issue was settled years ago. “In 1989 you all, the then-council, ruled North Miami Beach allows nudity and alcohol,” he said.

The city attorney agreed, but said an amendment was crafted with the intent for the strip clubs in the city to eventually just go away – but they didn’t. Council member Phyllis smith outspoken Tuesday, emphasizing the vision she has for her city, which doesn’t include strip clubs that violate the city’s law.


Just this past Friday, June 2, 2012, Hollywood, Florida City Manager Douglas J. Hewett resigned following his DUI arrest Easter weekend. Hewett, 41, was arrested April 8 2012 when police said they spotted him swerving in his car in the area of Northeast 156th Street and Biscayne Boulevard. Hewett told officers he was returning from Swinging Richards nightclub and admitted to drinking two Coors Light beers, police said.

The new Miami strip club, Swinging Richards  is an upscale, state-of-the-art nightclub catering to the gay male community in Miami. For the past 13 years, Swinging Richards has offered the best in male entertainment in Atlanta and now they have brought their  experience to North Miami Beach on Biscayne Boulevard.

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