Ryan Raz Steps Away From The Camera (semi-retirement? health issues?)

Performer and Model Ryan Raz has announced that he “no longer feel[s] that it is in my best interest to continue filming in the adult industry” but assures his fans via his Blog that he will continue to remain in the business and attend the parties and events.

“Over the past few months my attitude towards working in front of the camera has been changing. What was once exciting and thrilling has been changing into something that seems like a chore. I have continued to enjoy my travels and flying all over the world, but working in front of the camera no longer holds the same level of enjoyment that brought me there in the beginning.”

“My feelings began to change in December of 2009, and I thought that maybe it was just one of those phases that people go through. No matter how much you like your job, there are going to be those times that it isn’t all fun and games. In the past months it has been becoming clearer and clearer to me that these feelings are not simply something temporary but something that is here to stay.”

“With these feelings in place, I no longer feel that it is in my best interest to continue filming in the adult industry. While I personally feel that I no longer have a desire to do any filming, this does not mean that I wish to completely wash my hands of the industry and will never be heard from again. There are those that wish it was that easy to get rid of me, but to their dismay it is going to take a whole lot more than that. I will continue to travel and stay very actively involved in the industry, those that know me best know that I DO NOT miss a party. I will still be attending and presenting at the Grabby Awards this, and I do hope to take home an award; also I will still be performing at HustlaBall London. Just because I am no longer filming doesn’t mean that I didn’t work my ass off for my nominations; no pun intended.”

In January 2008, Ryan Raz announced that he had been diagnosed with rectal cancer. Following that announcement, Ryan related that he had surgery and stated that everything had been taken care of. Of recent, several sources have emailed Gay Porn Gossip’s SUBMIT A STORY section and related that Ryan’s cancer had returned. While Ryan’s announcement today is amiss of such a statement we do find it rather strange that this announcement comes on the tail-end of several of these tips we have gotten.

In any event, Ryan has proven to truly be the professional and we extend all our wishes to him for nothing but the best.

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