Ride It Wet – Drew Cutler Fucks Adam Herst

Ride It Wet Drew Cutler and Adam Herst

Adam Herst cares for nothing but his own filth: he’s hiding away in a shady room and with no one watch, he gets onto his back and props himself up. His dick is heavy, so Adam starts pissing all over himself; he’s soaked and glistening as he bathes in his own filth. But he’s not alone for long: There is a gloryhole in the room Adam believed himself to be sequestered away in, and a stranger pokes his cock through. Adam is excited to see the piece of meat presented to him, and he knows what to do: with his bearded lips, he starts to suck on the head and works his way down the shaft.

As Adam sucks, the nameless cock starts to squirt piss all over Adam’s face, who slurps and spits it up. The anonymous sex drives Adam wild to the point where his ass is anxious to be poked. He rolls a condom on the cock, bends over, and he starts getting fucked rough. He grunts and groans, sometimes struggling to take the full size of cock as he gets fucked, but the anonymous man demands a hole to fuck, and Adam wouldn’t dare deny him. The gloryhole eventually gets in the way, and the cock is revealed to be Drew Cutler when he walks into the room to meet Adam. Words are not exchanged: the guys piss on one another before Adam gets on his back and spreads his legs for Drew to fuck him until the bottom bitch brings him to climax!


Lucas Raunch

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