R.I.P. Sam Jones a/k/a Dick Stone, Producer, Real To Reel Pictures

Sam JonesSam Jones passed away last Thursday, May 30, 2013 from complications related to prostrate cancer. Sam was not one of the most well-known people in gay porn industry. He was however one of the most unforgettable. Sam was a lot of things he was a producer, a director, a videographer, all under the name of Dick Stone for his company Real to Reel Pictures Productions. He was a travel agent with his company Tours to Paradise specializing in trips to Thailand. He ran a successful mail order company, work as a producer on feature films, but more than anything Sam Jones was my friend.

For those of us who knew Sam he was a one of a kind. One thing that was for sure was that no matter what else happened when you were with Sam you would laugh. He was one of the funniest people I have ever met. Out in a restaurant with Sam was an adventure in hilarity. He was loud, he was outrageous, he was sincere and caring. On more than one occasion he helped me getting a drink person sober. He gave a job to a friend on a movie he was working on called Steamroom that has led to a wonderful career and a more fulfilling life for my friend. There are countless stories of Sam helping someone else and asking for nothing in return, that was Sam Jones.

Sam was an intensely private man. He rarely spoke of his private life, and when he did it was the Joy of his surrogate family who really were his life. He was always talking about whatever he had to do for the “kids” that day. His “family” was what he built his life around, and they were what brought him his greatest joy. He was in many regards a very lucky man. He died as privately as he lived. He, is seems, died not want anyone to know he was sick. I would try and visit Sam every time I was in California. I’d often show up unannounced at the gate to his place on Yucca and Hollywood, he tell me “Oh honey take a load off” and we’d sit and gab like two old ladies talking the latest gossip on anyone we knew, and laughing ourselves to tears about the many crazy times we had to share.

What I will miss most about Sam is the laughter he brought into my life. Which, is not to imply that Sam did not have a side to him that could cut through you like a knife he did . He was brash, and abrasive at times, but behind the bluster was a true heart of gold. The porn world lost one of its originals. There was only one Sam Jones. More importantly, I lost a friend.

There will be a memorial service for Sam Jones Thursday June 13 at 7PM at the Blessed Sacrament Church at 6657 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles.


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  1. Darkhog

    June 6, 2013 at 9:25 pm

    Only the silent ones, lived great lives, Rest in Peace, and for you great extended family and friends, my prayers goes out to you.

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