Porn’s Most Controversial Couple of 2009!

Zack Randall made his professional debut with Lucas Entertainment and quickly became one of the most-followed porn stars in the business, being nominated for Performer of the Year 2008 for the XBIZ awards and Best Sex Scene for the 2008 GAYVN awards. Then suddenly Zack disappeared.

After a nearly two-year absence from the industry, and an exodus to Nepal, Zack returned to the business to lead up on the Freshmen of Year campaign for SaggerzSkaterz Studios. In addition to shooting all of that content, which unspooled all throughout the remainder of the year, SaggerzSkaterz is also released a “best of” compilation DVD of Zack entitled “Zack Randall: The Story So Far,” consisting of footage Zack has already shot for the studio.

However, shortly following Zack’s return to the industry this year – Derek Rivero announced the two had broken up – but just before the announcement was made that Zack was named the Freshmen of the Year by Freshmen magazine the two were back together at the Freshmen party and a burst of gossip insued from a variety of other gay porn personalities – which continued on in a “video pissing-match” (see one of those videos here – it’s crazy-funny and see this one with Derek in response)

Derek Rivero is a hot twink. He got his start with Chi Chi LaRue in May of 2007 and was subsequently nominated for two 2008 GAYVN awards for his spectacular performances. His twink like qualities, beautiful face and huge cock have recently been added to the collection in a solo.

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