New Release: Pounded Down – Will Helm Delivers Out-Of-This-World Cum Shot!

Raging Stallion Studios streets Pounded Down this week. The latest release from the leading studio stars Exclusive Trent Locke and new hot star and cover model, Will Helm, a European model discovered by Chris Ward.

In Pounded Down, Will delivers a world-record worthy cum shot that will go down in the porn history books.

Raging Stallion Exclusive Trent Locke and fan favorites Wilfried Knight, Michael Brandon, Caedon Chase, Aybars, and Kriss Aston join Will Helm in Pounded Down.

The movie is focused on four encounters that build in major intensity: stimulating, stirring, drumming up the serious raw sexual energy…until all that churning deep pounding down in the loins can no longer be contained, leading to the ultimate sexual conclusion!

Each scene has a spectacular conclusion, but none as earth-shaking or mind-blowing as the one produced by Will Helm. This monumental eruption from deep in his loins goes on for what seems like forever and it will make eyes bulge and hearts race. There should be a special warning label on this scene: “Watch at Your Own Risk – Not for the Faint of Heart.”

“We already had four employees pass out when reviewing this footage.  All kidding aside, I’ve been doing this a long time and I had the pleasure to direct and film this monumental porn achievement. Will Helm is not only a stunning man to look at, but every time we’ve shot with him he has served up the biggest loads I can ever remember seeing. We look forward to bringing you more of his extraordinary talents.” – Chris Ward

Complete Video – Click Here

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