MTV’s Teen Wolf Star, Colton Haynes, Says Old Photos Of Him Depicted On Website Are ‘Pornography’

A gallery of photographs once featured in a March 2006, XY magazine, of Colton Haynes are now being claimed by an attorney representing Haynes … to be “pornography.” The photos depicted Colton Haynes kissing Jerreth Ludwig in a jacuzzi. Colton Haynes was then a model for photographer, Sean Benz.

Benz operates, and Sean Benz’s work often found it’s way into Peter Cumming’s now-defunct XY Magazine. XY magazine stopped publication in 2007. Many models photographed by Benz would go on to further their careers, casted as gay porn models.

The complaint by Haynes comes on the eve of the premiere of “Teen Wolf”, which airs on June 5, on MTV. Haynes plays, Jackson in the series.

Jody Wheeler, the administrator of, got an email Tuesday from Bryan J. Freedman, an attorney who represents the up and coming actor.The email states that had posted, “private, obscene, lewd and pornographic,” images of Colton Hayes.

I am contacting you regarding [’s] postings of multiple private, obscene, lewd and pornographic photographs of my client, privately taken depicting my client partially or possibly completely nude, engaging in or simulating sexual conduct, in most instances with other individuals …   the photographs depict my client partially or possibly fully nude in a Jacuzzi engaging in sexual content with another individual. the Site’s publication of what are clearly private photographs depicting sexual conduct, violate Haynes’ right to privacy. Your public disclosure of these private photographs violate Haynes privacy rights as such conduct qualifies as a (1) public disclosure (2) of a private fact (3) which would be of offensive and objectionable to the reasonable person. While we can only speculate as to where you received these private photographs from, rest assured that you posted them without Haynes consent or knowledge …

Read here (server may be down because of a large number of requests coming in to the server as a result of this story): responds with a post of their own stating the pictures aren’t private, and far from being pornographic.

Photo Credit: Jason Merritt for Getty Images; XY Magazine for Sean Bentz

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