Max Michaels and Skylar West

Max Michaels and Skylar West 001

Skylar West is the go to guy when it comes to a massage. But with our a growing clientele base, he needs some help. He has decided to recruit our new gay porn hunk, Max Michaels. Skylar tells Max to give him a massage so he can see his technique.

Max Michaels and Skylar West 007

Right away, there is tension. Max is enamored by how hot Skylar is, but he wants to remain professional. He needs this job. Then Skylar orders him to get the massage oil on his hole. Max obliges.

Max Michaels and Skylar West 009

Suddenly Max is finger fucking Skylar. Skylar demands that Max eat it out next, insisting that this is what the clients want. Soon Max is asking if he can kiss the clients. The two start to make out and blow each other. Their hard dicks are smothered in spit and massage oil. Max asks if he can fuck the clients. He then proceeds to fuck the blazes out of Skylar. And Skylar loves every minute of this hot straight jock turned gay porn star pounding away at his hole. They each take turns blowing loads into their mouths, and then snowballing their cum between their tongues. I think Max got the job.

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