Mason Wyler Goes Live!

Next Door Studios is “excited to announce the introduction of a brand new approach” for Mason Wyler and his membership website That’s right folks he wasn’t fired from his own website by the people at Next Door Studios as suggested by the gay porn blogsphere buzzing across the Internet. No more pre-recorded videos … Mason is going live and solo on webcam!

Due to some recently discovered “personal private matters” Mason will perform live on web cam, broadcasting LIVE solos from his own bedroom Reliable inside source

Starting this week, Mason will be treating his members to 3 live shows each week. In addition to the archive of Mason’s pre-recorded scenes that will remain for all members to watch, Mason will now turn his focus to producing weekly live shows instead of pre-recorded shows.

This is a bold experiment for Mason. As the online world evolves, we believe that live content will become a bigger and bigger part of delivering what surfers want to consume. With the immediacy and unpredictability of the live performances, we are looking forward to a great response from Mason’s loyal fans. Next Door Studios Affiliate Newsletter dated July 14, 2010

Watch for promotions in the free tour of Mason’s site announcing the live show format.


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