Lucas Kazan Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Kazan searches the world over to find the hottest men for his films and website, which will quickly have you reaching for your lube … Stroke off a few dreams of your own at



A four-part, tell-all documentary on the first 15 years is to debut on June 13th.

A Video Introduction To The World of

lucaskazan_120x120_1“Looking back, I’m amazed at the infinite changes the adult space has gone through and the many challenges it faces every day.  From Betacam SP to DV to HDV to 3D. From VHS to digital downloads. From storytelling to ‘reality’ porn… and back”.   Director Lucas Kazan

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Founded in 1998, LUCASKAZAN has won countless accolades over the years, including the GayVN, Grabby and Hard Choice Awards for Best Foreign Feature/Best Foreign Actor, and it continues to debut the hottest Mediterranean men online. Ever since their first movie (‘Hard Choice Award’ for Best Movie and Best Director), Kazan have strived for excellence and aimed for higher production values, better locations and richer, less formulaic sex. The same goals inspired their membership site, which launched in May 2006.

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