Josh Long and Damien Slater

It case I heard it said enough yet, on Damien’s last visit to SouthernStrokes’s Ranch, he showed up as horny as any model could be remember at Southern Strokes.  It didn’t cum as a surprise to anyone when cocky Josh stepped up letting it be known that he would be happy to fuck the cum out of Damien.

When boys start talkin like that you don’t ask questions, you just grab your cameras and let them go at it.  Damien likes it ruff and deep and Josh reminds me of a rabbit the way he fucks.

The boys made out for a while before they traded blow jobs but you could tell they were both here for the main event.  Josh started his work on Damien’s ass by bending him over the arm of the couch and taking slow long thrusts deep into Damien’s spread hole.

After fucking for a good while, I wasn’t sure that Josh was gonna have the stamina to hang with Damien but he proved me wrong.  Our cocky fucker put Damien on his back and litterally fucked him until he drilled the cum out of his cock.  Josh then added a nice thick load of his own to the party covering Damien’s chest and abs.

Southern Strokes

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