Jeremy Hall Launches New Website Featuring College Dudes In Frat-House Orgies

Veteran adult industry producer and former porn superstar Jeremy Hall (photo left) announces the launch of a new reality site A press release from Jeremy claims that the site features real home videos from an actual fraternity house in Phoenix, Arizona. Hall explains ‘its a reality site featuring college dudes in drunken frat-house orgies and gang-bangs. features real home videos from a real college frat-house, except this is no ordinary frat, and these are no ordinary videos. The sex is mean, the boys are hot, and best of all the videos are real.’

Hall continues ‘during a visit to Phoenix for a porn conference last spring, I was very fortunate to meet some really hot ASU (Arizona State University) guys who introduced me to the ‘hush-hush’ gay sex scene which exists amongst the fraternities on campus. I discovered that ASU has one of the largest collection of fraternities in the country and some of the hottest college guys anywhere. These guys are sex machines and they love to party. Some of them had already done porn in the past, and were interested in working with my company. I decided to give them some home video cameras and see what they could do.’

Hall is best known for creating his own Jock niche website and as a Director for ManHunt.netʼs Hall says the new site will update every two weeks until this summer when it will move to a weekly update schedule.

Below is some photos from one of 6 new released scenes entitled, Toke & Fuck. Looks like MJ Taylor has made a return to the gay porn industry.

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