VIDEO: Jake Lyons Talks About His Corbin Fisher Lawsuit

Twink performer & gay porn fan favorite, Jake Lyons sits down and talks on video and details an extensive published version of his story on his own website about the events and circumstances surrounding the infamous lawsuit filed against him in US Federal Court by popular online porn studio, The overall summary of Lyon’s statement strongly suggests that the studio’s attorney sexually harassed him and the studio used bully tactics to pressure him.

In November 2009, Corbin filed a lawsuit alleging that a Jake Lyons uploaded seven (7) copyrighted images of himself on an escort site owned by, violating a prohibition on Corbin Fisher models marketing themselves as rent boys. Lyons whose real name is Justin Krueger was served the process in Florida where he resided. Corbin Fisher sought over $1 Million in damages ($150,000.00 for each image).

Lyons put up a defense but after losing his first motion in federal court, he put a halt to it and just quit attending any hearings, with the judge ultimately finding that he willfully infringed on Corbin Fisher’s copyrighted works, paving way for a judgment that could have reached just above $1 million. But Corbin Fisher later settled for a minimum licensing fee of $5,000 per image plus attorneys fees, or $54,000. Corbin Fisher later sought a court order whereby Jake Lyon’s payment from other porn studios he may work for could be garnished. In what seemed a last ditch effort by Fisher, the studio tendered a public offer to settle the case for $5,400.00 and if Lyons paid up the money would be donated to charity, namely Equality Florida.

Lyons now has published a rather extensive story on his own website detailing his “side of the story“. Read the full story published by Lyons here. Among many other interesting statements, Lyons contends that Corbin Fisher’s attorney, Marc Randazza was disappointed that they were no longer “fooling around”. This is an excerpt from his published online story:

At this point, since my agent had not acted in my favor, I flew out San Diego, CA to meet with Marc Randazza, said website’s attorney. We set up an appointment for 10am. Around 9:30am Randazza asked me if the meeting could be rescheduled to noon. He told me he would take me out to lunch and we could discuss the situation. However, my schedule did not allow us to meet at his requested time. Although I was prepared to discuss other options, Randazza assumed that I was still “fooling around with him,” and refused to discuss any further settlement

Jake also sits down and talks about the infamous lawsuit on video.

Below Is A Screen Shot Taken Of Our Jan. 28, 2010 Post Where Attorney Marc Randazza addresses comments left in our post. This particular post we made here at GayPornGossip was taken very hard by our readers.