Introducing – Make Half The Cash For Life!, the popular studio and production house revealed Friday morning that it has been acquired by new ownership and management of the properties have been reorganized. The new management has also launched an all new affiliate revenue sharing program, offers an excellent affiliate program to valuable bloggers and webmasters who post commentary, photos or banners with links to their awarding winning website,

Jet Set Productions is based in North Hollywood, California and is the premier “All-American Jock” adult film production company. It has been producing quality gay adult entertainment since 1992.
The all new integrates two popular websites for webmasters, bloggers and even fans to promote and share in the revenue. The newly revamped super site, and the ever popular video-on-demand service, are rolled out and ready to promote!

JetSetMen Productions started working on three (3) months ago, and has been working diligently on integrating a fully customized affiliates only backend to make the accessibility to promotional content more user friendly, give affiliates more functionality and make affiliate interactivity a central part of the JetSetCash experience. The programming for the all new Jet Set Productions is proudly powered and developed by GayPornGossip’s own parent company, Great Atlantic Media Group!

In addition to customizing the core structure of the site, the JetSetMen & JetSetCash team have been working on adding hundreds of affiliate promotional tools. Among the many tools, is an affiliate video player (dubbed the EZ Viral Video Player℠), whereby any affiliate may simply enter their 7 digit Affiliate ID, grab the code that is automagically generated and embed the player anywhere. Moreover, when other web-surfers see the player they too can grab the embed code and share the video anywhere on the internet, playable on any device or platform! The originating affiliate’s revenue code then goes viral inside the player. This technology is certain to boost an affiliate’s click-thru traffic, resulting in terrific revenue!

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