Video Featuring Cody Cummings Getting Spuriously Fucked Raises Ire Of Fans & Bloggers

In the past few days since the release of a new scene entitled SHADOWKISS – featuring the legendary gay-for-pay porn star Cody Cummings fans and bloggers alike have commented that they have been duped into thinking that at last they would see Cummings take the cock. See: Queer Click, Men Of Porn, Queer Me Now.

According to NakedSword Blogger, Zach Sire, who boasted about being the first to promote this scene; Cummings would get “fucked in the ass, hard!” in this scene and also related that Cummings will retire from porn with this scene being his final scene.

It all seems like a good marketing ploy on the part of NextDoor Studios by suggesting that Cody finally goes all the way. We saw a similar marketing stunt back last winter when a Brandon Lewis and Cody Cummings scene where the two were purported to have flip-flopped as pointed out by Men of Porn.

Nevertheless, as always the fantasy of having at a straight guy remains one of the most sought after niches in gay porn and there is no doubt that Cody Cummings sits at the pinnacle of that fantasy among the mind’s eye of thousands of gay men world-wide.

Stephan Sirard“We can’t wait for Cody fans to have access to this amazing new scene featuring Anthony Romero. You can really see Cody’s passion and desire for Anthony. The lust, the shadows, and the intensity all contribute to making this scene premium male erotica.” – Stephan Sirard, President of Next Door Entertainment

Scene Synopsis: Cody Cummings stars in maybe the most erotic scene of his career. Half bathed in blue light, he searches the shadows for some show of life. Feeling the tension of the city night fill him up, he swells with desire in the dark alleyway, until a shadowy figure emerges from the distance. Anthony Romero knows these alleys well, but he never intended to find a guy like Cody waiting around for some attention.

The two of them exchange glances in the dark and with a nod and an affirming grin, they inch closer and closer to each other, their mouths whet with anticipation until at last their lips meet. Skin caresses skin, body to body, mouth to mouth. Until the next time they meet, a kiss in the shadows will have to suffice.

watch complete scene here

Cody Cummings


  1. davidsask

    May 29, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    So does Cody get fucked or not?

  2. mabst6®

    December 9, 2012 at 8:09 am

    It’s a con and it will always be. They’re trying to get your money. Unless they really show his dick inside the man arse, it will always be a con.

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