Getting Ricky With It – Alexander Greene & Ricky Larkin

Alexander Greene is back home on; and he’s not the only one here to show off all his mother gave him. Ricky Larkin has also shown up to play and if nothing else we can assure you we have plenty of cock. Ricky is kickin’ back and horny as fuck when Alexander walks in to find him covering up on the couch. He notices the “vase” on the desk. He admits whenever he uses one of those things it makes him horny as hell. They start to make out as Ricky undoes his shorts to give Alexander access to his throbbing cock. Ricky groans as he gets that cock worked. Ricky’s curiosity gets the best of him as he pulls Alexander off his cock and strips his shorts off to get an idea of what Alex is working with. Alexander obliges making him repeatedly gag on his thick meat.


Careful what you ask for, str8 boy. They take turns worshiping each other’s thick cocks until Ricky needs more on his dick. He suits up and sits back as Alexander straddles him and slowly impales himself on t! hat thick cock. Alexander loves it as he starts to ride that cock. Ricky then pulls out and bends Alexander over to get more of that sweet ass doggy style. Ricky can’t get enough of that hot ass as he holds Alexander tight and rails that big dick of his into him. “Yeah, gimme that ass!” he grunts as he pounds away at that tight manhole. He starts to fuck him faster hitting Alexander’s sweet spot as he begs him to fuck him right there. Alexander explodes as Ricky jack rabbits that dick deep inside him. Ricky is next as he shoots his own load all over Alexander’s cum-drenched abs.

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  1. Men of Porn

    June 7, 2012 at 7:50 am

    This scene was released last August 2011 under Circle Jerk Boys. CJB, EBD and MO30 have been swapping old scenes as their latest update.

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