Further Insight Into PornWikileaks And It’s Operator

After being offline for the past several days, it appears the website PornWikiLeaks.com has returned and this time with a new banner and slogan as we have depicted above. Even at this hour the website which returned just today keeps updating and shifting the navigational menus.

It’s not very certain who’s behind the Porn Wikileaks website, but many in the porn industry contend they know who is. They tell us it’s likely a former porn actor and porn film director named Donny Long, aka Donald Carlos Seonae (photo above). Long is alleged to be well known for his homophobic attitudes, and likes to rant about how cross-over perfomers are seriously threatening the health and safety of the straight porn industry.

Donny Long defended the site to both The Daily Beast & Salon but denied being its creator. It is said that Long, “a washed-up former porn actor and director” who, according to a separate website dedicated to exposing him, has been in serious trouble with law enforcement before and is a convicted felon.

Donny Long operates a website online known as Donny Long Studios, where he offers studio props and equipment for the filming of adult videos. Long also operates a explicit website promoting his productions. Donny Long Productions.

GayPornGossip has carefully combed both websites and have discovered multiple similarities with the code and approaches used with HTML that is exceptionally close to that which can be found on PornWikileaks.com. It would be our opinion that the development and skill level of these sites closely resemble that skill level used at PornWikileaks.

Reached by The Daily Beast via email, a person who admits to creating the website—but who denies that he’s Donny Long—offered, in a rant characteristic of all his responses, a quixotic and nonsensical motive for the creation of Porn Wikileaks:

“To get the gays out of straight porn and illegal gay pimps that have ruined porn and shut it down making condoms mandatory by the government now. The fag loving has got to stop. California is full of gay Mexicans and now they can even marry which is so wrong.”

As for the potential safety risk of giving out information like the home addresses of porn stars, the creator of Porn Wikileaks offers:

“Do you consider it a safety risk to make other people in the real worlds [sic] addresses and information public like Abortion doctors, government workers, or attention whores working at Starbucks with their cleavage hanging out?”

The site pornwikileaks.com is currently hosted in the Netherlands on a dedicated platform server with the IP and hosted by ISP Netrouting. The domain pornwikileaks.com currently is estimated to receive about 7,500 unique visitors per day and has multiple link backs. The registar is cloaked by using a proxy and therefore, WHOIS records are private as to the registered name of the person who secured the domain name. On Wednesday and Thursday the site was down but however has returned on Friday. The banner we have posted at the head of this article is now being displayed on the website.