Fresh Off The Bus: Lucas Kazan Introduces Hung (9″) Italian Pro Boxer … Alessandro

Lucas Kazan introduces 28 year old ALESSANDRO BASILE. This pro boxer embodies what’s hot about Southern Italian men: dark hair, steel muscles, huge cock ( 9 inches, in fact).

This stunning stud never comes across as either too cocky or… narrow-minded (he readily admits to his bi-sexuality). His 9 inch cock is massive, his muscles hard as steel. Yet, gaze into his big brown eyes and you’ll discover a softer side. Nothing like the intimidating macho man he appears at first.

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Lucas Kazan“We pride ourselves on discovering the hottest ‘Latin Lovers’ all over Italy, Sicily, France, Greece. Alessandro is a diamond in the rough: ripped, hung, masculine, he simply exudes sex.” – Lucas Kazan

Filmed on location in Catania/Sicily, Italy, Alessandro’s solo has now released on

Lucas KazanLUCASKAZAN was founded in 1998, aiming for higher production values, exotic locations and richer, less formulaic sex with emphasis on showcasing the hottest Mediterranean men available online.

The studio has won countless accolades over the years, including the GayVN, Grabby and Hard Choice Awards for Best Foreign Feature/Best Foreign Actor.

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    November 13, 2012 at 4:15 am

    This men is awesome. Nice and big dick. Because of men like him I love italian boys 😛

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