Donnie Dean and Johnny Venture In ManHandled

Donnie Dean and Johnny Venture - Lucas Entertainment - Man Handled 001Donnie Dean knows who he wants to go home with, and it’s no wonder: he’s spotted Johnny Venture. It’s his raw handsome looks that first grab his attention — he has a rugged five-o’clock shadow of a beard, piercing eyes, and a toned manly body.

But Donnie wants to know what’s doing underneath Johnny’s nighttime attire. But he doesn’t have to worry; Johnny is going to make sure his wish is granted.

Johnny leads Donnie back to his hotel room where they lock lips, and Donnie can’t resist tasting Johnny’s lips for as long as possible.

Donnie Dean and Johnny Venture - Lucas Entertainment - Man Handled 004Johnny and Donnie lose their closes a piece at a time and Johnny lays down on the bed and shows off his huge erection: the Lucas Entertainment exclusive’s tree-trunk cock is a mouth-watering sight, and Donnie takes his time kissing, licking, and sucking the piece of meat; each and every one of Johnny’s moans is proof that the bottom boy knows what he’s doing.

Donnie offers his sweet hole to Johnny, who is not shy in taking it, nor is he gentle. Donnie is looking for a fucking, and Johnny Venture won’t fail in giving him not only what he wants but what he needs!

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Lucas EntertainmentABOUT LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT: Michael Lucas founded Lucas Entertainment in 1998. The studio has grown into one of the largest producers of all-male erotica. Headquartered in New York City, the Lucas Entertainment brand is famous for its high quality productions, gorgeous men, sizzling sex scenes, and stunning videography. The company has won numerous industry awards and an unprecedented amount of mainstream press.

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