Dominic Ford Releases Nintendo 3DS Site

Dominic Ford has announced he is offering us something that we’ve not seen before. Hot gay porn in 3D directly on your Nintendo 3DS. The guys are hot, the content is exclusive, everything is well presented with movies in full HD available without restrictions, and there are new updates each week. Now you can really get in on the act and view the movies as if you were really there in the room with the models. Below is a gallery of sample photos if you are on the Nintendso 3DS, click these images will show you then in 3D. If you are not on that device, you won’t be able to see them in 3D.


The company is the first (and still only) 3D Gay Porn production house. Its consumer site,, hosts over 150 3D videos and hundreds of 3D photos. The company has also produced 3D content for other companies. Most recently, it filmed and edited Bel Ami’s “3D Bel Ami” 3D Blu-Ray.

“The Nintendo 3DS, as well as new 3D mobile devices, are exciting to us because they allow our 3D images and movies to be seen in full color and without the need for 3D glasses. As more and more devices support 3D viewing, remains the only source to get 3D gay content. For the last 3 year we have been committed to producing top-notch 3D Gay Porn with today’s hottest porn stars. We release one scene a week in both 2D and 3D. While many of our members simply watch our content in 2D, we are excited that high quality affordable 3D displays are now showing our 3D content as it was meant to be seen instead of in the anaglyph versions.– Dominic Ford

While anaglyph (blue/red glasses) allows viewers to watch Ford’s 3D content on any regular display, Ford has always seen this technology as a stepping stone. “We are glad people enjoy watching the anaglyph versions of our content. But watching the 3D TV formats on a 3D TV or via new glasses-free devices like the Nintendo 3DS is eye-opening to those who have never seen our content in full color. The 3D is cinema quality.”

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