XY Magazine’s Editor Now Brings You ‘B – Magazine’

The original XY Magazine and Abercrombie’s A&F Quarterly defined the style of a generation.

B magazine, the creation of former XY magazine editor Peter Ian Cummings and Savas Abadsidis, editor of Abercrombie and Fitch’s A and F Quarterly, will publish its inaugural issue in June. The magazine, which is aimed at gay men ages 18-35, promises to feature articles about politics, art, music and fashion.

The tagline for B is, “A magazine for the future.” Visitors to the magazine’s web site – www.bmag.us – which features an astral background and funky graphics, will see a different approach to gay media. Cummings and Abadsidis are also launching All American Guys, a magazine featuring erotic but G-rated photos of hunky male models.

Cummings says he is hoping for a diverse readership for B. “It’s more about a way of thinking than a certain demographic,” Cummings said. “We’re trying to represent a wide section of America.”

Cummings laments what he refers to as the “self-congratulatory nature in gay life now. There’s not enough thinking going on. We want to stand up for the right to express yourself sexually.”

Cummings believes the gay movement emphasizes sexual repression instead of the freedom to be who you are, without apologies. A lot of people don’t want gay marriage, he notes.

We reject that as a compromise,” Cummings said, explaining he does not fear criticism from members of the LGBT community. “If they want to call us porny or slutty, let them.”

B magazine will give a voice to ordinary folks, in the same way XY provided a forum for gay teens to express themselves in print, he said.

XY was founded by Cummings in 1996 and stopped publication in 2007. The magazine contained political and cultural articles, pictures and submissions by readers.

B promises to be similar in tone and style, yet will feature celebrity interviews. However, Cummings notes that the magazine will not be dominated by them.

The staff for B includes editor at large Nathan Smorynski; Brandon Alexander, a former XY editor; Keith Carr, who serves as associate publisher; Eriq Chang, who served as the original fashion and photo editor at XY; Kenshi Westover, an artist, stylist, and correspondent; photographer Steven Underhill, who shot several XY covers; and James Patrick Dawson, who also photographed for XY.

Cummings believes the death of gay media has been exaggerated. He is confident B can succeed, pointing to the fact that the magazine has 3,000 fans on Facebook.

“There is a tremendous market for the ideas involved,” Cummings said, adding his staff of writers and editors are a draw for readers. “We’re all pretty well known and we all have our own followers.”

Cummings hopes to use different types of paper in the production of B. It’s this unique aesthetic that will distinguish B from competitors, he said.

“We’re going to make the magazine a beautiful item that people want to own,” Cummings noted.

Cummings doesn’t want to put out B on a more frequent basis, due to the intense pressures of publishing monthly. B will distribute 20,000 copies quarterly. Numbers may expand, depending on the reader reception.

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