Brandon Rose Fucks Tom Faulk

Brandon and Tom click immediately, and it becomes a more intimate encounter than normal.  Each of these studs services the other, paying special attention to getting the others dick wet and slippery.  The passion really begins when Brandon slides Tom onto his back and slips his hard fat cock inside.  Tom seems practically ravished, and closes his eyes to focus solely on the amazing sensation of Brandon’s cock.

Tom likes a good pounding, and Brandon is the man for the job. Tom hops on Brandon and rides his dick next, giving us a great view of his tight asshole being spread apart, framed by Toms delicious legs, abs, and pecs. Once Tom is on his side getting fucked from behind, he begins stroking his cock as Brandon kisses him deeply, and soon after Brandon is giving Tom a reach around until Tom is close to climax. Tom busts a huge nut followed by Brandon, and these two college studs kiss – both of them feeling extremely satisfied.

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