BoyCrush & Saggerzskaterz Studio Release “TwinkBlood” DVD

October 20, 2009 (Phoenix, Arizona) – Popular twink paysite has teamed with SaggerzSkaterz Studios to release “Twinkblood,” a story-based hardcore DVD themed around a gang of twink vampires. Eighteen-year-old Miles Pride has decided to move to Phoenix to start his first year of college. He settles in, adjusts to the burning heat and the frigid nights; and finds that more than just the cold penetrates the city of the sun when that sun goes down. Follow Miles as he risks everything to discover the truth behind some suspicious vampire attacks and the twist that turns his life upside down.   Edge of your seat drama and incredibly hot sex make up BoyCrush’s first action flick and the industry’s first twink vampire adult film. Don’t expect anything less than the hottest twink on twink action you’ll ever see.

One of the film’s stars, Chase Harding, says, “Filming ‘Twinkblood’ was so much fun. The sets and props made the story come to life and of course the hot sex scenes make it the hottest gay vampire sex movie to be produced! Many have voiced ideas on a movie with a vampire theme but no one will ever bring it to life like BoyCrush has with ‘Twinkblood!’” Special Guest Star Andy Kay says, “I’m almost at a loss for words when it comes to this film. It’s been a rollercoaster ride from the beginning to the end. I can honestly say that the second Bryan had this idea; I put my heart and soul into it. Writing the script and the music for this project came easier to me than anything else I’ve done in the past and even as we worked through the post production we could tell we had created something groundbreaking. There have been a lot of holes left in the industry and the fans deserve a company that can fill them. This is our first feature length plot-based film and it certainly wont be our last.” When asked what the impetus was for producing “Twinkblood” was, owner and CEO Bryan Kenny replied, “I have always been intrigued with the story of vampires their powers to seduction, eternal life and eternal youth. My feelings of sexual attraction and desires towards vampire fantasies are much newer though. In 2006 I dated a boy named Russell. He was 19 with blond hair, blue eyes, a killer body, and a super sweet personality. Needless to say I fell for him hard and fast. The relationship was fiery and passionate but short lived. After 3 months the relationship ended. His screen name was “Lestat (and some numbers)” I asked him what it meant. He told me that it was his favorite character Lestat from Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles (series of novels).   He lived far away and we had a long distance relationship. I bought and read “The Vampire Lestat” while he was away and I missed him dearly. While reading the book I fantasized that Russell was Lestat. It was a great book and it really got me into thinking about vampires. As I read more of the books I would imagine me as Louis and Russell as Lestat. I fantasized about us both becoming vampires and being together forever, while both remaining young and hot. With all the recent books, movies and television shows portraying vampires as sexy and cool, I feel society’s is view is shifting towards viewing vampires as sensual and intriguing rather than villainous monsters. I decided that it might be a good time to mix boys, sex, and vampirism. Out of this was born my new porn studio and social networking site “BoyLair” and as well as our first feature length film, “Twinkblood.” Hopefully fans will embrace the passion of my new product line as they do with my existing lines, and”   When asked about Kenny replied, “I created the new studio BoyLair in anticipation of producing more Vampire themed movies.  We are hard at work on the website now and it should be open for Halloween. SaggerzSkaterz Studios also previously collaborated with to release their “BoyCrush” and “BareTwinks” series of DVDs.  Kenny said, “We partnered with SaggerszSkaterz Studios on our newest DVD “Twinkblood”. We had very successful partnership on (previous releases) “BoyCrush: Passion” and “Cum On Inn”.  We are hoping “Twinkblood” is a smashing success.”   In addition to Chase Harding and Miles Pride, the movie also stars Patrick Kennedy, Phillip Ashton (fresh off the success of his video), and new Exclusive Felix Russo, and special guest appearances from Andy Kay and Edie Leslie. The hardcore trailer can be viewed at RocketTube HERE and a softcore trailer can be found on YouTube HERE. A promotional website has also been created at To celebrate the release of “Twinkblood,” Boycrush Studios will be hosting a DVD release party on October 29, 2009 at Forbidden Nightclub at 6820 E. 5th Ave in Scottsdale, Arizona. The event will run from 9:00pm to 4:00am. Those who attend dressed like a vampire will receive a free DVD copy of “Twinkblood.” The party is 18+. The DVD is available for sale at as well as and members of are able to purchase the DVD through the Forum at a discounted rate. The DVD begins shipping (when else?) on Halloween.

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