Bobby Clark and Joey Rico in new upcoming Jet Set Men movie, #UPPERCUT

The ‘boy next door’ Bobby Clark is in the ring training with studly Joey Rico. The pair trade blows during their sparing match but Bobby taunts Joey about his weak uppercut. Joey throws a mean one and knocks Bobby in the air, on his back and down for the count.

Nothing seems to revive him so Joey decides to check out his package, waking Bobby up with mouth to cock respiration.

JetSetMen Uppercut

Bobby Clark heads up a cast of 8 hot jocks in the new upcoming Jet Set Men release #UPPERCUT, a sexual fantasy that takes place in a boxing ring with big dicks, interracial sex and of course hard ass pounding. This is Bobby Clark’s first movie for Jet Set Men along with two popular Jet Set Men studs Connor Kline and Topher DiMaggio!

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