Bad Boys Get Spanked Then Fucked now on DVD & VOD

Channel 1 Releasing is pleased to announce the release of Chi Chi LaRue’s Bad Boys Get Spanked And Then Fucked, now exclusively available on DVD and VOD at

Extreme and always controversial, Chi Chi LaRue once again delivers a film worthy of his legendary status as gay porn’s premier director. Skillfully articulating the passions of wicked young men and their inherent need for punishment, LaRue teaches a master class in discipline as only he can.

“It all came together. You’re going to be blown away by the filth I’ve come up with. Riding crops, rulers, rubber gloves, shoes, a wine glass and even an apple…you have to see what we do with the apple!Chi Chi Larue

The movie features a series of hard-hitting vignettes highlighted by superstar Johnny Hazzard’s first ever on screen spanking at the hands of daddy Brenn Wyson as well as an intense, yet sensual, solo performance by Austin Wilde . Every scene showcases the primal needs of man at their most uninhibited. From sassy schoolboys to horny housekeepers, everyone gets his in the end.

Synopsis: The passions of wicked young men and their inherent need for punishment are delectably accentuated in BAD BOYS GET SPANKED. Submitting ever so willingly to the euphoric pleasure that only the slap of a hand or the crack of a whip can offer, these naughty little things take their punishment as only bad boys can.

BAD BOYS GET SPANKED features a series of hard-hitting vignettes designed to make even the most virtuous of young men crave the attention that only bad boys get. Highlighted by the extreme ass-welting gifted to perennial bad boy Johnny Hazzard, this latest Chi Chi LaRue showpiece also features a star making turn by daddy Brynn Wyson. And, never to be out done, forever favorites, Dean Monroe and Matthew Rush shine in a blistering scene which is guaranteed to make your bottom hurt (so good) just thinking about it.

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