Gay Bar Doesn’t Get Entire Million Dollars From Lawsuit

A family came to the Atlanta Eagle gay bar  Monday night after apparently being sent there by a church seeking help to buy a car. A car would help the parents find a job in these tough economic times.

This incident has Richard Ramey and Robby Kelley, co-owners of the bar, distressed and they want people to know that while $1.025 million awarded in a lawsuit filed by patrons of the Atlanta Eagle the night it was illegally raided last September is a lot of money, the bar itself is only receiving $80,000 — enough to cover the losses the bar suffered in the past year. The federal judge in the case ordered the money be put into an escrow account of Lambda Legal.

“We took this family very seriously and it was very upsetting. We don’t want people to think we have all this money and we’re partying on the beach or something,” Ramey said. “I don’t want people to think the Eagle has a million dollars. We don’t.”

Top photo: Richard Ramey and Robby Kelley speak to reporters last week after the federal lawsuit settlement over a raid on their bar was finalized. (by Bo Shell – via GAVoice)

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