Arnaud Chagall Rides Shawn Beliveau

About a month ago Arnaud Chagall attended an event in Montreal, Canada with 15 other guys that were complete strangers to him. All of the guys were cute guys but Arnaud was particularly interested in that one boy with the nice tan and the firm muscles who was seated behind him at the event. Arnaud didn’t know who the guy was, but the guys who run sure did. It was Shawn Beliveau, who has appeared on Videoboys a few times.

So to make Arnaud happy, they contacted Shawn to see if he’d be interested in a scene with Arnaud, and it turns out that Shawn also noticed Arnaud seated in front of him, and in particular, noticed his firm little ass. Tops notice these things.  Arnaud was ready to give it up for that boy he lusted after a month ago.

Watch The Complete Video Here

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