Gay Escort/Performer Sued By Corbin Fisher Blames Everything On His Talent Agent

Back in January we reported that had filed a civil lawsuit against a former Corbin Fisher  turned escort Justin Kreuger  and escort website, for copyright infringement. Corbin Fisher raises claim that the photos used to associate the former model’s escorting profile were in violation of copyright laws as the 7 images were the property of Corbin Fisher when Justin modeled for Fisher under the name of Greg. You can read our extensive report to include the actual court documents and comments placed by CorbinFisher attorney, Marc Randazza

Corbin Fisher seeks $150,000.00  per photo for a total of one million from both the model and escort site. The lawsuit continues in court. is reporting Krueger lays the blame on Baileey Productions, specifically on the shoulders of his agent.

CorbinFisher’s petition for attorney’s fees, notes that “Baileey is talent agent and the general point of contact for business affairs between Krueger and the Plaintiff.” CorbinFisher’s court documents further show that they attempted to settle the suit directly with Baileey. After contacting Baileey by e-mail, he sent certified letters to the agent, including prospective documents which could resolve the case, but they went unclaimed at the post office. has now learned that Baileey’s real name is Justin Caro, and that while he has represented and continues to represent dozens of local South Florida models, securing work for them doing porn, he is not now, nor has ever been licensed in Florida as a registered talent agent.

“Baileey told me he was talking to Randazza regularly, and that I had nothing to worry about; that he would handle it. That is what an agent is supposed to do.”

Krueger says that it was Caro’s boyfriend, Keith Carpenter, known in the gay porn industry as Dallas Reeves, who first hooked him up as a ‘porn star.’

“We met on Adam 4 Adam,” Krueger says, “and Reeves told me that his partner was an agent who could get me, with my looks, regular gigs doing porn. And that’s when I lost my virginity in every sense- on the set of ‘Anal Initiation Rites.’ “

The lawsuit by Corbin Fisher was filed by a nationally respected first amendment attorney from San Diego, Marc Randazza, who is now CorbinFisher’s house counsel. The complaint alleges that Krueger had taken seven copyrighted images of himself, which he had sold to Corbin, and illegally uploaded them to, in order to promote his escort services.

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  1. Victor

    June 16, 2010 at 5:56 pm

    Good work.

  2. Mark Wilson

    June 16, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    I’m pretty certain that all of these purported talent agents foster organized prostitution. Dollars to donuts, GayPornGossip will report one of these days that the SWAT TEAM runs around the country and does a midnite sweep.

    Just last week some idiot kid who recently got into gay porn tweeted that he was off to meet a client who was a “senator”.

    Opps, I forgot all this is done in the name of “massages” Rite? rite!

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  5. Justin Krueger

    September 23, 2010 at 11:18 pm

    Your simply un educated in the mattter Mark Wilson. Why make such a statement when you truly just guess and go of hearsay. It’s amazing what people make themselves believe. You have no facts. Talking to talk.

  6. Jake Lyons

    August 8, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    Background Report
    Justin Ma Caro

    Name: Justin Ma Caro
    Age: 38
    DOB: 6/28/1974
    Phone: 954-916-7865
    Additional phone numbers: 443-292-4759, 407-896-1650, 410-721-xxxx, 410-267-6206, 386-283-5059, 410-643-xxxx, 4072865915, 803-234-7330
    Most recent adress: 2112 NE 1st Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33305.
    Criminal records: 7 found
    Aliases: Justin Marcus, Justin Graham Caro, Justin Caros, Justin Carro, Justin Marcos, Bailee.

    Criminal Record
    Name: Justin Marcus Caro
    Offense: Cs:possess- Not Marihuana
    Date of Offense: 04/29/2003
    Location: Maryland
    Court: Criminal Court
    Case Number: 1A00119883
    Offender ID: 961A00119883
    Criminal Record Name: Justin Marcus CaroOffense:Sex Offense Third DegreeOffense: Sodomy-GenerallyOffense: Sex Offense Fourth DegreeOffense: Assault- Sec DegreeOffense: Prostitu:procure/Solicit Offense: Prostitu: engage inDate of Offense: 04/29/2003Location: MarylandCourt: Criminal CourtCase Number: 6M00004878Offender ID: 966M00004878__________________________________________________________________
    Criminal Record Name: Justin CaroOffense: MunicipalDate of Offense: 07/12/1993Location: FloridaCourt: Criminal CourtCase Number: Offender ID: 697000140531974062819930712__________________________________________________________________
    Criminal Record Name: Justin M CaroOffense: MunicipalDate of Offense: 08/18/1993Location: FloridaCourt: Criminal CourtCase Number: Offender ID: 697000140531974062819930818__________________________________________________________________
    Criminal Record Name: Justin M CaroOffense: MunicipalDate of Offense: 09/13/1993Location: FloridaCourt: Criminal CourtCase Number: 697000140531974062819930913

    Criminal Record Name: Justin M CaroOffense: MunicipalDate of Offense: 09/14/1993Location: FloridaCourt: Criminal CourtCase Number: 697000140531974062819930914


    Criminal Record Name: Justin M CaroOffense: FelonyDate of Offense: 07/28/1997Location: FloridaCourt: Criminal CourtOffender ID: 697814846191974062819970728Case Number: __________________________________________________________________

    1 Bankruptcy
    Chapter Description: 05/26/1998
    Resolution Date: 09/04/1998
    Court: Maryland- Baltamore
    Type: Individual
    Filer Type: Individual
    Debtors: Justin Marcus Caro
    Attorneys: Andrew G Wilson II

    Why did none believe me when I said that I never uploaded the pictures to the site?

    Corbin Fisher and I were both fools for doing business with Justin Caro.

    Why would a person with a record like this ever get to run an agency for porn actors?

    Will I ever see justice?

    Corbin Fisher ruined my life. I am prepared to begin to seek damages for defamation of character. I think Liberty Media holdings owes me an apology. I think it would be good for this apology to come in the form of a check.

    I was mistreated on a false basis. My life was threatened on many occasions by Mark Randazza, my house was broken into, my friends were paid for information and my privacy was violated.

    Offender ID:

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