3-way Featuring Max Ryder and Jake Bass with Kevin Warhol

EDITORS NOTE: Quite frankly, CockyBoys may very well be the most creative collection of gay porn that has EVER been produced. Director Jake Jaxson has done a phenomenal job bringing this brand back to life. The content now offered at CockyBoys surpasses ANYTHING available in gay porn bar none! GayPornGossip applauds CockyBoys for their unprecedented productions and congratulates them for their well deserving sweep of awards at the 2013 Grabby Gay Erotic Video Awards! Please take a moment and visit COCKYBOYS.com and judge for yourself! Here’s their latest kick-ass release …

CockyBoys Road Strip

3-way featuring Max Ryder and Jake Bass with Kevin Warhol 002“It’s been just over a week since CockyBoy’s Project GoGo Boy won Best Movie at the 2013 Grabby Awards but it looks as if CockyBoys director Jake Jaxson has a great shot for the award in 2014 as well. The finale to RoadStrip, the smash reality series that follows best friends CockyBoys Max Ryder and Jake Bass as they cross country in an RV, is now playing only on CockyBoys.com with an incredible psychedelic finale filmed at Joshua Tree National Park featuring a surprising confession and an insanely hot three-way with Max, Jake and BelAmi superstar Kevin Warhol.  It’s a traffic-stopping end to a series that has up-ended the conventions of porn.”

3-way featuring Max Ryder and Jake Bass with Kevin Warhol 006“It’s been a wild trip for Max and Jake — filled with laughs, fights, hook-ups, new friends, and new experiences. In the beginning, they were two young stars who had just gotten their big break.

After embarking in their RV cross-county from New York to LA, conquering Palm Springs, porn awards shows, and one intense “Bangover,” it’s time to head back to New York as completely different people.

But not before they make one last stop! To reflect on all the craziness, Max and Jake decide to camp out at Joshua Tree National Park.

3-way featuring Max Ryder and Jake Bass with Kevin Warhol 003Although they’re friendly with each other at this point, there are still some underlying jealousy issues between them that neither one can figure out how to resolve.

Then Jake tells Max about a magical Y-shaped cactus he researched online containing aloe that can cause hallucinations if absorbed into the body, allowing you to “see whatever you’re meant to see.”

With a little detective work, the two find the Y and immediately start tripping on it. Through the Y, some meditation, and a dream that’s a little too real, all their issues seem to work themselves out.

But are they ready to go back to New York?”


Including Best Movie of the Year!

CockyBoys Winn 4 Awards at GrabbysCockyBoys had quite a big Memorial Day weekend in Chicago having won 4 Grabby Awards. The Grabby Awards, considered by many as the “Oscars” of gay porn. CockyBoy’s part-reality TV part-porn movie that released in 2012, Project GoGo Boy, took home Best Director (Jake Jaxson), Best Newcomer (Max Ryder), Steamworks Fan Favorite Movie, and the top prize, Best Movie of the Year!

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